New website and CMS for GIIA

GIIA needed a more modern website that could, above all, deliver a wide range of content to its members. We rebuilt the website on a brand new Drupal 9 CMS that would allow GIIA to scale the website in the future.

We helped migrate important content from their existing WordPress website. We continue to support the application post-launch.

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The Challenge.

GIIA wanted to retain most of the features of the existing website, however, displayed in a more "visually attractive" way which would also incorporate an improved user experience and sitemap. They wanted advice on how to deliver richer media content, such as videos and podcasts, as well as how to tag these and which taxonomies to use. The new CMS would need to be easy to use, secure, flexible and scalable. The website would need to be optimised for mobile-first.

The migration of existing content would need to be automated for speed and retain all existing taxonomies as well as some new/revided ones. The solution needed to be hosted in the cloud on a hosting platform that was both economical and allowed for easy scalability, integration, and deployments.

The solution.

A detailed Discovery phase helped us gather insight into GIIA member personas to help with the new information architecture, sitemap, and UX design. We also carried out a technical discovery and gap analysis on what would be needed to fulfill GIIA's CMS needs.

We implemented a new platform architecture with Drupal 9 running on Cloudways Linux solution. We added test and production environments and automated deployments using Github.

Automated migration scripts were created to easily allow for the movement of a large amount of content from WordPress to Drupal.

A new, modern design was created in lo-fi wireframes for both mobile and desktop, which allowed for an easy iteration process before the final designs were created using Figma.

We made use of contributed modules such as Paragraphs and Webform allowing for a reusable component-based approach to design.

  • Phase One



    A detailed discovery phase was carried out in which we facilitated various workshops with GIIA to gather insight into user journeys, personas and goals. We used Hotjar and Google Analytics to track member behaviour and provided an initial UX review on their existing website highlighting improvements and current barriers.

  • Phase Two



    Lo-fi desktop and mobile wireframes were created from the output of discovery. These went through various iterations based on feedback from GIIA. Once signed-off we moved onto building out the brand and design components in Figma.

  • Phase Three



    After creating a backlog of user stories, the site was built by our development team into a test environment. Automated migration scripts were created that pulled existing content across from the WordPress site to Drupal 9 CMS. Content types and workflow were configured for easy population of new content.

  • Phase Four



    After successful user acceptance by GIIA, a go-live plan was constructed that considered decommissioning the existing website, DNS updates, URL redirects, SEO considerations and SSL. The website was launched in September 2022 and we continue to support the site both in terms of infrastructure and application updates.

The results. launched in September 2022. The old website was decommissioned and all data migrated along with any redirects. The new website simplifies the user experience and allows priority content to be promoted to key areas of the website. A new modern design helps reflect the business's goals of innovation. Reducing the use of unnecessary media such as videos and images, not only improves performance but helps amplify and convey the more important messages.

  • migration of users and content from existing website
  • new Drupal 9 CMS hosted in the cloud
  • fully responsive and built mobile-first
  • accessible website built to WCAG 2.1 AA standards
  • reusable code component library
  • wins a Web Excellence Award for Best Association Website in 2024