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The Importance of Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping is like a visual story which will provide you with key insights into your customers journey

Digital Design Principles

Creating Digital Services can be a difficult task. Company's often struggle with priorities or decisions on how the service should be designed, built and delivered. All Digital Strategies need a framework to work within...

Award Winning Web Development in 2019

In our efforts to always deliver cutting-edge solutions, Heavy Penguin appreciate this nod from Clutch for our hard work and successes among other web developers.

The role of Smart Products in Digital Transformation

Smart products are the online representatives of the physical products that you can see, feel and touch.

Questions to ask your web developer

I've chosen to talk about the Wordpress platform, as it's estimated that over 75 million websites worldwide are using Wordpress and it's by far the most popular platform for smaller/medium scale websites.