Digital Partner to The IMI

Discovery kicked-off on website and CMS re-development

Last year, The Institute of the Motor Industry asked Heavy Penguin to come in and help them create a Digital Strategy and roadmap, as well as audit their current technical laandscape, all working towards helping them become digital first in their approach to memebership and cement their position as the UK’s leading governing body for the Automotive industry.

On the back of that work, we were asked to become the Digital Partner to the IMI to help them implement that digital roadmap and vision.

The IMI Digital Experience (TIDE)

Project TIDE kicked off in May and we are 4 weeks into an intesive 9 week discovery phase.

As The IMI adopt a more user-centric approach to building digital servies, Heavy Penguin will be providing the advice, User Experience Design, Research, User testing, UI Design and eventually the new build of the WCMS (Drupal 8).

Workshops to date have provided invaluable insight into members behaviours and needs through customer journey mapping and dicovering user personas.

We plan to keep you infromed as we make our way through the project phases up to the release of the MVP.